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How to active my temporarily disabled account

Hi !
I’m a new seller here, my account is temporarily disabled for the reason of TOS FAQ, because i do not know about that, that’s why.

please any body help me about that, how to active my account again

Thank you


TOS FAQs is not a reason.
Fiverr sent you an email stating which TOS rule you broke and with actions you should take like waiting for fiverr team to check your account.


It is your responsibility to read the Fiverr Terms of Service, and know what you are and are not supposed to do on this site. In fact, you likely had to click a check box of some sort, when you signed up for your account, indicating that you had, indeed, read it. You were given the opportunity to do so, and encouraged to read the TOS. You failed to do so, and, apparently, got a TOS warning as a result.

Please take the time to read the TOS. It is linked at the bottom of every Fiverr site page.

Contact Fiverr Customer Support. None of us can do anything to help you fix this situation. Customer Support are the ONLY people that have access to reactivate your account.


how can i contact to customer support team. my account not accessible

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sir can i contact them, customer support team

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Ok Sir I’ve try to contact support team, but sir can you please send me here contact customer support team .

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Fiverr gave you instructions in the email that you received informing you that your account was disabled. Please follow those instructions. I cannot help you any further. I do not have the power or authority to fix your issues, nor the ability to resolve your communication with CS.


Okay Sir I have try Thank You Sir

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How to active my temporarily disable account.fiverr said that-we couldn’t verify your id.please help


@chamindu350 If you want help you just need to create your own topic.


if its temporally disabled , contact fiverr CS they will restore account


Thank You so much.To advise me

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