How to add a cover photo(store front) to the gig page



Is there anyone to explain how to add a store front photo(cover photo) to the gig’s page?



There is a new post on the Fiverr blog (different than the Fiverr Forum) that mentions the need for main pics to be a very specific size to be shown correctly. See blog here:

If your image is sized correctly but still won’t upload or show well, then you probably need a different answer…


thanks but i was wondering where to upload it. now i have found it. thanks again for the reply.


How do you change the cover photo? Anyone?


Hi, Can anyone tell me why I don’t have the Cover Photo/ Store Front option on any of my gigs?


Jumping on this old thread because it’s related. I created an image specifically for the Fiverr cover photo size requirements. 1100x260 yet when I upload my image about the bottom 25% of the image is cut off.

What gives? What’s the real size we need to have to not make the image look goofy?


That might be just because you are in edit mode while viewing it. Check to see if it displays full size after you have saved it by Previewing it.