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How to add Bitcoin as a payment option for my gigs?

Hello, I’d like to accept Bitcoin as a form of payment on Fiverr. I can’t find where to add this option to my gigs. Any help would be appreciated.

It is not currently supported. Fiverr now accepts bitcoin from buyers but they pay you in dollars only.

Fiverr uses coinbase to process bitcoin payments, which means they are probably exchanging for usd instantly.

I don’t receive payment i complete 20$ and my payment option is bank transfer … :frowning:

Keep spamming tech support to allow us to withdraw BTC. If we bug them enough it might happen!

This is sure to not happen.

Never, ever, EVER spam Customer Support. They see your first message. There is no need to keep hounding them over something. They hate spam as much as anyone does. Bug them, as you suggest, and they’ll ignor you.

There are far better ways to suggest new site features. Spamming CS is NOT one of them.