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How to add contact page for fiverr gigs on private website?


I am on fiverr for some time and I want to promote my gigs on a website.

I noticed that in the terms and conditions is written:

<<Staying out of trouble

To protect our users’ privacy, user identities should be kept anonymous. Requesting or providing Email addresses, Skype/IM usernames, telephone numbers or any other personal contact details (Other than your name) is not permitted.

All communications, information and files exchange must be performed exclusively using Fiverr’s messaging system.>>

OK so let’s go back to the blog. I want to promote fiverr gigs, I want to say to my audience: “hey, if you want to order my services please go on this fiverr page”.

What if they need more info about my gigs and they want to contact me? If I have a regular contact form page (which don’t show my email), the message will come to my email address not to fiverr message system. I don’t think that somebody who would want to ask me something will want to make an account on fiverr in order ask a question.

I want to promote my fiverr gigs on my website, I want to use a contact page but I don’t want to brake the rules.

What should I do?

Hey there, the advice I will give you is that:

  1. All communications, information and files exchange must be performed exclusively using Fiverr's messaging system, So you must not give your buyer here in the Fiverr system a way to connect with you outside of the Fiverr Platform so an example would be check out my cool website at or get in touch with me here at

  2. There is no problem promoting your gigs on your own website i.e taking traffic from the web and then pushing them to Fiverr to complete the sale, what you must do though is stick within the guidelines. So if you have a blog and want to promote it here in the forum it must not have any buy buttons for another service which isn't Fiverr related and bearing in mind if you do have a link to buy a gig it must be performed exclusively on Fiverr and there must be no contact links

Let me know if you need nay further help


Just get them to contact you on Fiverr - Thats easy. I mean the messaging system here could be better - but its pretty good. I refuse to work with people who wont work through the Fiverr system. #Notworththerisk

Hey Ozzieuk,

Thank you for your reply.

I understand the not to get people outside of Fiverr. I never did that.

I was thinking in putting orders buttons on my blog wich will redirect the customer on fiverr, ony my gig page.

My concern is that I don’t feel ok to have a blog with no contact page, or with a contact page (on fiverr) that requires to register in order to ask questions.

So I guess that there is no choice. I can even have blog with a regular contact page, but not affiliated with fiverr or I can have a blog in which I can promote my gigs, but I have to redirect all the customers to contact me through fiverr platform.

Hey Adamandtheglobe,

Thank you for your reply,

Is there any way to send message through fiverr system without having an account?


Reply to @jackdesign: Are you planning on promoting the blog here on the forum ?

Reply to @ozzieuk: Well, I didn’t think of that yet. But I think I could do it. I just need to decide my self what to do :slight_smile:

Reply to @ozzieuk: Thanks!

Reply to @ozzieuk: What do I have to do if I decide to promote my blog here on the forum?

If you plan to promote it here on the forum make sure there are no Contact Links / Buy links outside of Fiverr etc, if you don’t plan on promoting it here you should be good to pretty much do what you like as the traffic is one way (but don’t quote me on that) Just don’t point your buyers from Fiverr to it in say and order or Private Message and you should be OK.

But getting self generated traffic from your own channels such as Google, Facebook and such like a great idea.

We’re putting together some clearer guidelines for the forum soon about external sites, I’ll link you to them as soon as they are up.

Sorry for the messy comments, I saw the reply button after i posted the comments. I wanted to move them to reply, but I can’t find delete comment button

Thats OK I’ll remove the duplicates for you :slight_smile:


Done :slight_smile:

still confuse about this topic. i check many people selling service like chat over skype, guide with team viewer, and other gigs like that. So… how they sell their service if we can’t use personal information ? u mean they break fiverr tos in instruction to buyer page ?

let me know…!! because i want selling service but must put contact info like skype or YM. I think use only personal contact from fiverr not to good if we sell some think like selling website service.

Thanks and sorry my bad english.



Reply to @ozzieuk: Thank you for your reply. Yes please share with us the clear guidelines as we all need them.

Reply to @aerovin: Hey, I am confused too, that’s why I wanted to ask first what to do.

Reply to @aerovin: if you are going to sell a Gig like that my advice would for you to speak to the customer support team they will advise you on how to proceed with that

If your work requires phone or Skype contact, there’s an approved way to exchange contact information.

From Customer Support:

Note: In the event your sellers Gig requires personal contact information to complete the order, such as Skype/Team Viewer coaching, names and address for business cards (etc.), and log in information, you may exchange that information in the order page.

I’m a coach, working by Skype and phone to coach shy people who’d like to connect and converse with others. If we couldn’t talk…:-(. Glad there’s a solution.

Fiverr can’t regulate your website. The rule is about giving people your personal email here on site. You can do whatever the hell you want elsewhere.