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How to add extra choice into your gigs?


I have paper cuttings gigs, I am selling two pictures from 10 patterns. My question is how can I add more price buttons for buyers to have more choice to buy more pictures from one gig. I mean if the buyer want 5 patterns for +$5, 10 patterns +$10.

Thanks for your time!



From my understanding, you must be a member of Fiverr for at least 30 days and have completed 10 gigs with 90%-100% positive ratings. After that your account will upgraded to level 1 and you should be able to offer gig extras. But seeing as I have only been here 2 weeks, I could be wrong.


You need to be a level one seller to add extras. There’s more information about levels here:


Thank you!


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Guys, how can i add TIP option to my gig. I’ve fiverr account and i have completed a task with a client. he want to pay me $50 on fiverr. but he can pay only $5. He has asked me to add TIP Option to fiverr account/gig so that he can pay me $50. but i don’t know how to do it?

kinldy help?


That is really frustrating as when creating my gig it will be based around extra’s due to amount of work involved… Where other sellers doing a similar thing can do the specific work for a certain price where I cannot.

My only solution? Do what my competition does (length/service wise) but at half or less than half the price. Or risk loosing sales.

Seems to be a major flaw on Fiverr’s part.


Reply to @wolfstarpicture Not a flaw, the price of admission. Hang in there. 30 days/10 gigs id not that long a time span. Patience is a key virtue on fiverr. Good luck to you!


I would somewhat agree but 10 gigs against already established competition with more features than you with the appropriate extras that your gig could really use… Is very unfair. Why would a buyer buy from me (even if my selling page is amazing with an in depth video) when I have little to no ratings or completed gigs.

I wouldn’t even buy from me! lol.


I am a top rated seller


how is it a flaw on fiver’s part for you to earn your keep a little bit in order to do gig extras? lol I love when broke emaciated dudes with no girl in their life try to talk that official jargon and pretend like they’re so established perhaps your business should be able to operate without fiver’s help, if you’re business is so official

anyway my gigs are growing I just started on here, so let me know people if you have any ideas you want done because I can do almost anything I will be putting up a lot more gigs in time I’m not sure what the limit is


goog one…thanks


Having the ability to add one minor extra may be helpful. I would have liked to add the ability to accelerate my service to within a 24 hour period, for an additional fee of course. That may have increased my sales potential as I would have a new market to service.

Here’s hoping for success.

Good Luck All!


My client need their order before the time limit I have. I had this condition of delivering orders faster for extra 10$ but my buyers are unable to submit it. Its not fair since I have to work extra hard


Hello! I have been on fiver for 14 days, 100% positive rating, and delivered everything on time. I have been upgraded to a level 1. That is what it says on my profile. I went to go to my gig and add gig extras there is no box to add a gig extra on there. I am so confused and would like to charge more for certain things. Does anyone know how?


So you must be a member of Fiverr for at least 30 days and have completed 10 gigs with 90%-100% positive ratings. Got it! Thanks


i am going to complete level 1




I am Tanzil.A level two seller, on wordpress website making in fiverr.I need to upload many demo pictures on my Gig.But I cannot.

Can you help me?

tanzilahmad said: need