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How to add extras on my gig

Hello Everybody,

As far as i have completed a month on fiverr and grabbed the level 1, There are some point on which i want your suggession on that. I am not able to add extras on my gig, …Is there any way by which my buyer can pay me in one time, and i may be delivering at once.

Kind Regards,

M.Saud Siddiqui


Are you sure that you have actually achieved level 1? No offense, but normally you need a decent rating to obtain it and your overall rating looks rather low. Even if you have been here a month, you won’t be able to create extras unless you actually get your level badge and didn’t lose it due to poor ratings. I did not understand your other question, so I will leave that for someone else.


Your profile doesn’t show that you’ve made it to Level 1 yet. You might want to check with customer support to find out why. You’ll be able to add gig extras once you have reached Level 1 status.

Hope that helps.



This is from “Levels”, on achieving Level 1:

You’ve been active on the site for 30 days and completed at least 10 orders while maintaining excellent ratings and a great track record. You’ll automatically be promoted to Level One. At this Level, you’ll gain additional features making it easier for you to offer more advanced services and generate higher income.

I’m afraid your rating is too low. To achieve a level you must have a high rating, and to maintain that level you must keep your rating at about 95% or better. Your rating is based on all sales you’ve completed since starting on Fiverr. Deleting or suspending low-rated gigs won’t change that. It’s possible to recover, but you need to get excellent ratings on all your orders to bring the rating up, including orders from more than one buyer, and not deliver late.

Good luck~

Hello Friends,

Sorry for my late reply, actually was in level one few days, but unfortunately de graded as the buyer cancelledthe order…But now trhings are again fine because i have achieved the level one again.

Here one more question rises that last night i have successfully delivered more than 50 orders but still they just have given level one. Can any body help me on thin .?


M.Saud Siddiqui

Reply to @kreativekingdom: You may need to spend more time just reading up on Fiverr. Up above celticmoon gave you a link to the “Levels” page. That page would have helped you with your original question, plus it provides the answer to your new question. You can also search the forum and find the other people who have had these same questions answered. Good luck.

Reading the Levels page and how you attain those is paramount if you want to understand how to “get there”. Even though you may have achieved 50 orders, you have not been a member long enough (only a month from your profile) to achieve Level 2 status. Go read the Levels link that was given to you, it will enlighten you as to how much more time you need to wait before attaining Level 2 status.


Hello, there is a new way of paying you in one time. If a buyer message you and want to send her/him a quote, you can do that now. Just go to the bottom part of your conversation and seek for the “customization quote” and there, you can use that. It will all depends on the buyers if she/he will accept you customized quote.

Just be fair on your pricing and don’t overprice, otherwise you will lose your potential buyer. =)

All great advice from fellow users. Do try the FAQ forum for new seller tips, review the Terms of Service and the Knowledge base has useful information.

All thaanks to you friends. I’ll keep you posting.

Bro, @chadvivas, there is no button like cutomising qoute or sumthing below of the conversation.


Thanks a lot for sharing this info, and yeah now i have achieved level1, but here is an issue, i dont know how to increase my rates, is there any specific method by that way we have to increase the value of gig. I am bit confused on that.

AS i have updated my gig by adding some extras into it. Now a question arises in my mind @kjblynx , that when i was selling my gig in 5 dollars, fiverr use to to cutt his 1 dollar into that( means 1 dollar from 5 or 20 percent). Now As I am offering 60 dollars a gig, can you all tell me how much amount now fiverr will take us now from per gig.

@kjblyn I want to show my gig which i have updated, kindly view and tell if I am mistaken anywhere…

sorry please ? @kjblyn

I’ll deliver a animation (unfinished) to them , i think , what say ?


Looking at your Gig, I have NO idea what you DO for the base Gig of $5. Why would anyone order an Unfinished animation from a Gig that says, " I will create a 3D animation for you". It seems as though you don’t want to do anything worth the client ordering for the base $5. You are going to have a lot of annoyed customers who may give you bad ratings if you do not deliver a FINISHED product. Seems you want to bypass the $5 and just force them into ordering $20 or more worth of Extras. Your Extras don’t make sense either. I have no idea what it is you are offering.

But, hey, you have orders in your queue, so what do I know? LOL


Hahaha, and also i reached level 2 @genuineguidance

So thanks,

Reply to @kjblynx: Look at the reviews. One seller had to buy almost 50 gigs, another 15. It doesn’t look like anything is being sold for $5.

There is nothing for 5 dollars, i think 5 dollar is just like a token for us, as the buyer offers the project and we offer him the price of it, and afterwards the amount is paid by the buyer by buying the gig which cost 5 dollar per gig, suppose someone have to pay 100 dollar then he must have to buy 20 gigs… Am I right ?