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How to add fiverr widget on a site?

Hello everyone, I made my Fiverr account some time ago but still no luck. One of my old clients is offering me to place my gig on his site **************** widget. My question is can I go for it will it violate the platform rules? Fiverr is strict so I wanted to be sure and safe from banning

MOD NOTE Link removed How to add fiverr widget on a site?

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You just broke the Fiverr Forum rules by posting an outside link. :wink:

Do you mean a link to your Fiverr gig?

I didn’t know that. yes for the gig link.

I see your post has been hidden because of the outside link. Maybe if you remove it by editing it using the little :pencil2: the post will appear again.

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Its not available now! hahhq

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Thank you everyone I think i can go for it without breaking the rules anyhow now I am extra careful.

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