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How to add gig extra's to my newly created gig?

Hello, how can I add gig extras to my gig. I cannot find one when I am creating the gig.

you must have sell atleast 10 gigs to add extra services to the same gig.

yup , once you reach level 1 , gig extras will be activated.

You need to reach level 1, to reach level 1 you need to have 10 sales with positive feedback in a month.

More info here

Thanks all :slight_smile:

Yup, level 1!

Once you are a Level 1, you will be able to do some and then when you become Level 2, you get more features and finally, when you are a TRS you get the best options. It is a progression.

Hi i have done 82 gigs with 23 positive reviews. 6 negative reviews for missing my deadline by 24 hours. any reason i have not reached level 1 yet? earned $282 in commissions.

yes …i got it …the info of adding extra service.tkns…@all ~O)

I was looking for this, thanks a lot guys

Yeah I was looking for this too, thank you all so much!

By the way, congratz on reaching level 1 :slight_smile:


I am new seller, can I create a drop down menu for my buyer to buy more than 10 gigs at a time?

Please help me. Thank you :slight_smile:

Thats for this! Was just wondering about that. I wonder how long it’ll take to get 10 sales =]

Am new

oh so that’s why . . . thanks

Hey There just started a new gig

no extras til level 1 however i want to charge 5 gigs for my service… can 1 buyer just buy it 5 times til im at level 1 and can utilize the gig extras?



Hi and welcome.

You can’t. And now your gig does not follow that rule. Your title says. “I will … for $5” and your description says “… for 5 gigs”.

The fundamental premise of Fiverr is something for a Fiverr. So you need to change your description and offer something and deliver it for $5.

After you sell 10 orders, been here 30 days and have excellent ratings you may be promoted to Level 1. There you begin adding extras. BUT, the fundamental never changes. You still need something that is only $5. That’s why it’s called Fiverr.

Here’s some good reading…

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Three simple principles to become a great seller!

reach level 1.

lol and i was think i was doing something wrong :slight_smile: