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How to add more impressions

hy how are you, look at me here

you want to add more impressions on your gigs? this is my experience about it. you will get more impressions when peoples are visit your gigs and read your gig details. i get more clicks and impressions this method.

1 - Social Media: Social Media is also playing vital role to gain the views and impression. Use Facebook Groups and LinkedIn are 2 best methods, not only views may be you also got some Orders if you use LinkedIn. it is a great opertunity to promote your gigs

2- use seo methods. it means use keywords related to same gigs. you can search your service on fivver buyer section, then u can see lots of keywords related to your gigs. copy the keywords and include it i your gig title or discription. this is the best method to rank your gig on first page on fiverr.

best of luck all of you… once you will success in fiverr. promiss


Can you please tell us what does impressions mean on fiverr? And how social media will affect it?

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impression means how many people watch your gig details. if so many peoples visit your gigs and watch your gig details it will help to increase your impressions. u can share it on social media. it will help you to get more viewers on your gigs.


So you are saying that impressions are how many people clicked on your gig and checked your gig description?

yes. that right …

well, then maybe you should’ve checked official Fiverr help page first on what impressions mean before trying to give a misleading advice.
But don’t worry, I’ll attach here a screenshot how Fiverr officially define “impressions”
(hint hint: it has nothing to do with your gig description or social media.)


If your gig find by searching on Fiverr search box with your keywords you will get organic Fiverr impression. It will be better than social media. Please try to add keywords properly on your gig title and description. Thank You


but… if i use same word in fiverr discription
a mistake seen in repetation of words… like thumbnails,viral thumbnails , youtube thumbnails, thumbnails designs …

Hay, some keyword stands on 2 or 3 page you must search to get order if you get 1/2 order your gig will reach on 1st page on Fiverr. Thank You

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I dont understand why newbies gives advices when they are not even aware about it. They havent even read the TOS and are here giving advices. The rate of unprofessionalism on forum and Fiverr has drastically increased.

@jazirnk has joined the platform only two months ago and here we can see him giving wrong advices. My question to @jazirnk is why havent you got any order if you are promoting your gig on social media. You should have atleast get an order atleast.

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iam new and i dont know about rules

Agree sir u r right*

can we not send the links of our gigs in this conversation

No. If you want help with your gig, start your own topic in Improve My Gig.

sorry for that iam new

Read the forum rules, then, so you can avoid mistakes.

ok :upside_down_face:

Thanks for your tips

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Thank you very much .this is very useful :star_struck:

Thank’s my dear…slight_smile: