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How to add my delivery image in fiverr gig?

I’ve delivered a job with uploading 2 images, but any images not showing with my gig images.
To show that what should I do? and first or last uploaded image show with the gig images?


When you deliver something if you need one design to appear in your gig, you should add it to “Upload Work”. Normally a JPG or PNG format. But client can select whether to display that in your gig or not.

Check below…


That means It depends of buyer.


Yes. If they don’t want to appear it in your gig, they have the option to chose it.


I understood, Thank you very much.

It’s a pleasure to help you.

I think you can create a folder which name done all image add hare make it zip file and which you want to gig view image make it jpg or png format and upload it done folder and attached image if buyer permit it to attached, you can see it gig view .

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Interesting post to help Every one.

i think lot of buyers not like publish their works photos in our gig

Very helpful for us.