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How To Add Portfolio Video Or Placeholders To Deliveries?


Hi Fiverr’ss

How does one appropriately add pictures or placeholders with your deliveries, so they show up in my Gig’s LIVE profile samples. This is something I wished I knew about at the beginning back in June 2018.
What is the best way to do this as a Voice Over Artist.


This is a good question. There is a button to use to turn on “live portfolio”. I’m not sure how this works for voiceover artists. I notice that many voiceover artists have a running selection of recent deliveries people can hear as part of their gig graphics. Maybe someone else can describe how to do this. It might be as simple as turning on “live portfolio” in your gigs page.

For a voiceover artist it wouldn’t be pictures, it would be recent deliveries you have done using your voice.


I know it sounds silly, But I believe you need a
jpg or gif image placeholder image sent with the delivery in order for the audio samples to show up. Can’t seem to find anything on this