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How to add review+image in my gigs image?

how do i get my gigs review in my gigs image like this attatched pic. i have to add images like these in my gig :

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Once you deliver work you can add an image that image will be show on your portfolio (in case your option is ticked). Also client have the option to not show the image when leaving you a review.


do i have to add the image while delivering ? i have already send my delivery. if there any way i can add the image now ? and is my portfolio enabled ?

1 - To check if your portfolio is enabled you go to your gigs page and click on the arrow on your right and there should have there LIVE PORTFOLIO ON.

2 - If your buyer didn’t mark the order as complete yet you can deliver work again and attach the image. If the order is already marked as complete then there is no way to attach the image.


got it ! thank you :smiley:

What if my live portfolio check box is showing no option… ?

there is no option to check or on non check
but this option is showing on my other gigs but not on this one… ?