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How to add reviews + images in my gigs images?

[How to add reviews + images in my gigs images?] In my gigs, I have just received 0 stars review with tips?

My gig link: Create a professional modern minimalist logo design by Sharminnshima | Fiverr

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I like the way your gig looks like. The description is catchy, the images of the gig look professional. Your pricing list is low as a new seller.

You are just in a competitive niche and the first order will be the hardest to get, but your moment will come.

The white background of your Profile Photo is a good choice, perhaps I’d recommend a picture of you smiling which I’ve heard seems more friendly to potential buyers.

I am giving it as advice, but I need to change mine as well :laughing:

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And I’ve just noticed that you have 4 similar gigs providing the same service. This is not allowed.

Clicks and Impressions are Down. What can I do now? Please help me .