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How to add Sleeping Time besides my gig..?


We Fiverr Seller having a serious issue here about it… I feel always worried about it that i might miss my order during sleep. If you guys add some option about Seller Sleeping Time then it would be great help for us…

Thank you…

Here’s a question for you.

Do you have a job?

I’m serious.

If you worked for me I would not expect you to be “on the job” 24/7. That’s silly.

Plus, I wouldn’t pay you for the hours you weren’t at work.

Why would you think that you’ll miss a job when you are sleeping?

I’ll be honest with you.

If I hired you on Fiverr and you told me that you have been “awake” 24/7 waiting for my job, you know what I would think?

I’d think that you would lack so much sleep that you are probably going to screw up the job I hired you for.

But I’m a reasonable guy.

I’d probably still give you a chance.

But once I got delivery and it wasn’t up to snuff because of your lack of sleep, I’d give you a 2-Star rating (if I really felt like giving you a rating at all).

Then you’d probably post something on the Forum about the 2-Star rating and how harsh I was because you were not alert enough to get the job right.

Am I’m helping you at all here?


I think you are getting me wrong here… Suppose i have a gig where i said i will deliver in 6 hours. Now if buyer order that gig during my sleep then what…!? definitely he will cancel that order and my response rate will go lower, which is bad and i don’t want to… That’s why it came up in my mind…

If you look at your question logically, why would you ever consider delivering within 6 hours?

That brings me back to my original thought process.

If you are going to deliver in 6 hours, that sounds like you a trying to rush this job.

Don’t get me wrong, but I use a 7 day delivery timer and it works just fine.

Oh, and I can sleep each night not stressing out about having to “rush” a job to beat the deadline.

Don’t try to be Superman.

Give your clients quality and quality sometimes takes time.

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Indeed, that’s what i want to… But again…6 hours or 6 days doesn’t matter if buyer order during sleep time then definitely they will cancel that order which will affect on response rate… Don’t you think…?

btw. i saw some top sellers who is delivering like 2-6 hours… how…?

I think you need to focus on doing the best job you can for those Buyers who contact you…even when you are sleeping.

I don’t respond to anyone until I’m awake for the day.

Sometimes that’s late morning.

I often don’t get responses back to my replies until the next day.

Any idea why that is?

It’s because I’m in the Pacific Time Zone and the requests I get are normally several hours ahead of me.

Be patient.

Don’t “live” on Fiverr 24/7 as it will not increase your sales one little bit.

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I might be wrong but fiverr actually does notify your buyer if it’s night at your timezone (so right now in my case, for example). Any reasonable person would understand that you might not be able to deliver right off the bat! That being said I don’t think delivering in less than 24 hours is a good thing for you - what if you need to do several at the same time / what if there are revisions to be made?
I think by giving yourself time, you are also respecting yourself. Having something delivered in 6 hours might appeal to some buyers but it also might throw many of them off as it can be seen as rushed! (and can drive you mad with lack of sleep!)


Thanks… Much appreciated… :slight_smile:

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Well said… I will keep that in mind… Thank you so much… :slight_smile: