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How to again & again order form one client

This is my personal experience and tips that how to take again and again order from one client.
1. Conversation with you client and take a information about all that you need for design.
2. Make sure that what want your client form you.
3. When the client order you then complete this order in the end of the day. Will better if you ask your client fix time like after 2 or 3 or 5 hours, i will send your file.
4. Make a Design at list 2 variation, that why client choice at list one.
5. Give me some more file that he use it in future.
6. When the client choice your design then you propose him/her that if you have any work in future then please let me massage. Thank you.

So, seller if you follow this 6 step then i give you 100% guaranty that you get order form this client again and again.
I follow this step and I follow some more roll that my gig to top page on fiverr. I successfully complete some order by this step. You can check my profile or account .
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Best regard
Md. Aminul Islam

Very helpful tips thank you for shearing with us. :slight_smile:


thanks for Share your Experience…

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