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How to answer to a bad review


Hi! I received a bad review I didn’t deserve. The bad review is about an order that was cancelled. I would like to answer the bad review but I don’t manage to. When I open the notification about the 1 star review, Fiverr doesn’t give me the opportunity to reply. How can I answer?

Thank you :slight_smile:


You got a system generated review:
Cancelled order. Seller failed to deliver on time!

I’m afraid you can’t respond to this type of review.


Unfortunately, you did deserve that review, because you chose not to deliver your order on time. Since your order ran late, and you still didn’t deliver, your buyer probably got annoyed that you didn’t keep your delivery promises, and they cancelled the order. When buyers cancel late orders, the seller gets an automatic negative 1-star review that says, as @offlinehelpers noted, “Cancelled order. Seller failed to deliver on time.”

You can avoid this again in the future by keeping your order promises, and delivering your orders on time. :wink:


I would prefer explain what was happened but it seems yours is because you were late. No excuse for this issue


Hello, since you did not deliver the order in time, it was late and then the buyer was given the option to cancel which they chose to take. The system then generated the bad review automatically.

Never deliver late and there is no excuse to do that at all. You know how much time you have and need to get the work done on time.


I thank you but I would like to explain what happened, sorry.

I received an order for a translation of a legal document. I don’t translate legal documents and I always ask people to contact me before placing an order. When I told the buyer to cancel the order, he waited for cancelling it when it was late.

Is there a way the seller can cancel the order or only the buyer can do it?


You should have contacted customer support to cancel it before it went late.


Just mentioned the right reason so that buyers don’t use their own imagination and rest other and new buyers believe on you.


Yes, you can initiate the cancellation from the Resolution Center.