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How to answer to a buyer who doesn't like your translation?


I offer translations in my native language (French) and buyers are usually really happy with my work, but I had a few buyers who suddenly, after I sent the translation, started talking to me in French when we were speaking in English before, and tell me something like “I speak French too and I wouldn’t have translated it this way at all”. I also had buyers tell me “I have a friend/sister/neighbour (…) who speaks French and they hate your translation”.

I always try to get more information on what they didn’t like about it and offer them to review the translation for free and if they provide me with more information I explain to them why I made the choices I made, but most of them will just either stop answering after that or tell me that they just think my translation is bad because their relative who speaks French said it was or because they think they would have done a better job themselves. My question here is how to deal with these buyers and what to say to them?

I feel like they ordered already knowing that no matter what I would do, they wouldn’t be happy with my work because they want it to be exactly like they would have done it or because they trust their relative more, even if it’s someone who isn’t a native speaker.


I’d rephrase your question to “How to get rid of such Buyer(s)?” :wink:

Your profile rating is top one with 5 :star: only, your profile is relatively new (about 15 months old), your profile shows about 250 reviews. That said you seem to be true professional with a lot of proofs.

Honestly, I would not start the Gig with $5 any longer. This may attract Buyers like you described.


Thank you very much for your your answer and advice! It’s really helpful. I didn’t think that starting at $5 could be a bad thing, I’ll make changes to my gig then.

Generally there is nothing wrong about $5 but you have proved to be successful freelancer.

Maybe it is time to say goodbye to $5 for basic package. It’s just my opinion, you don’t need to act accordingly.

Maybe other users will share their thoughts as well.