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How to apply for Available Projects

HI, I am new at fiverr but an experienced freelancer since 2007. I have some tips for new sellers to use the “See Available Projects” section.

Here are some of the things you MUST keep in mind while writing for Available Projects:

  1. Read the brief:
    Read the summary, at least, TWICE before writing.

  2. Are you the best fit?
    Make sure you understand what the buyer exactly wants. If you don’t understand or if you think you aren’t the absolute BEST FIT for the job, don’t waste your time and the buyers. Besides, you only get a fixed number of proposals you can send every day. Use them wisely.

  3. Keep it Simple:
    If you have decided to write for a project, keep it short, simple and to the point. Buyers can see your basic information from your profile (and they would). You don’t need to go into that detail in the bid.

  4. Don’t Use the Same proposal for every job:
    Some of the sellers are in the habit of using same scripted bids for every job. Buyers can smell that from a mile and are offended by it. If you cannot take out the time to write a customized proposal or bid for them, how will you take the time to produce high-quality original work for them?

  5. Use friendly, conversational tone:
    It is not necessary to use complex technical words to impress buyers into hiring you. Most of the buyers are impressed by your originality. The more personal your proposal is, the more are your chances of getting hired. Address the buyer by their name at least twice in the project.

  6. Tell the buyer what you can do for them:
    Give the buyer a reason to hire you. You are a 22-year-old graphic designer with 15years of experience (apparently you started designing at age 7. Seriously?) You have one course or training or degrees in graphic design blah blah. There is a 98.999% chance there are plenty like you saying the same things.

Tell the buyer exactly why they should hire you and not anyone else from among the 20-30ish proposals they receive. They have a problem they would like solved. Tell them how you will solve their problem.

  1. Address the buyer’s needs in the first sentence:
    You can win or lose the bidding war based on the first sentence you write in your proposal. If you were a buyer with some 20-30 proposals to go through, you would only be gliding through all of them, paying attention only when something caught your eye right away.
    Make sure the first sentence of your proposal addresses your buyer’s needs, discuss your prior experience with similar jobs in later judgements.

  2. Proofread:
    Use correct grammar, punctuation, and sentence structure. Always improve your proposal before sending it. A rough and randomly written proposal will give the buyer the impression that you aren’t very serious about their job.

  3. Offer higher prices:
    This works out better than one because high prices are perceived to mean more top quality. By offering high priced services, you are establishing yourself as an experienced freelancer who is new to the website but know his/her worth.

I hope you find this article and these samples useful. Go hit Fiverr right away and use these strategies to find your next big client… Happy Fiverring!


I did all those things and my proposals weren’t being chosen.

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try to improve your gigs

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This is my proposal…but l’m not getting orders. please check it out. If you can send me good proposal for my graphic design…because my English is weak…


I hope you’re doing good

I am a professional graphic designer with 3 years of experience in design. Level Two seller & Rated a full 5-stars by many happy customers! And now I’d like to help you as well.
I’ve understood your request and I am confident about my skills and experiences. So you should hire me.Feel free to contact with me any time. I will deliver you your order within 24 hour and I will assist you until you are satisfied.

100% satisfaction guaranteed(I will offer refund if you are not satisfied with my work).

Just inbox me, and we can get started…
Asad Zia

Is this the best way to get your first gigs ? I’ve just created my account but have quite some experience thanks to my education and real projects. It’s hard to convince people if you don’t have any orders/reviews yet.


It kind of sounds like you’re overselling yourself. Your proposal sounds more like it’s about you than the client.

First, I would suggest taking out the ‘I hope you’re doing good’ part. It feels like it’s been copy and pasted, and you’re saying ‘I hope you’re doing good’ to a stranger. You really should only say this to someone you know. It’s not really a professional greeting.

Also, instead of saying that you’re a level two seller and rated 5 stars (which is obvious from someone checking out your profile), focus on the problem they have that you can solve.

Also, it may not be a good idea to use ‘I’d like to help you as well’ because it sounds like your needs. It’s clear you want to help, you sent the offer! Instead, use something more confident like ‘I’ve had many happy customers and can help you as well.’ The ‘can’ shows that you’re capable.

You say ‘I’ve understood your request and I am confident about my skills and experience,’ but ‘understood your request’ is vague and ‘I am confident about my skills and experience’ makes it sound like you’re trying to prove you’re confident, and not that you are. Instead, what request have you understood? What specific problem do they have (maybe they need a design that’s eye-catching) and how can you solve that problem? If they want an eye-catching design, tell them that you’ve created eye-catching designs for client and they can check out your gig to see them.

‘So you should hire me’ is something I wouldn’t highly recommend not saying. It sounds like you’re pushing them to hire you/ sounding a little desperate. When someone asks me to ‘hire them’ or ‘choose them’ it makes me feel like they just need the work and that they’re not professional. ‘Feel free to contact with me any time’ makes you seem like you have a lot of free time. Instead, I would suggest ‘If you’re interested, send me a message.’ It’s straight to the point and seems more professional. You’re putting the choice in their hands.

After that, you should just end it. You want to end with contact, not keep selling yourself. They can see you have 100 % guarantee and offer refunds in your profile. Also, ‘Just inbox me, and we can get started…’ is pushy. It’s like you’re saying, ‘you want me, so choose me already, all you have to do is message me.’ I never choose people who are pushy.

Overall, you’re a designer so what you’re really selling is your portfolio (the images on your gig). Before I ever buy from a designer, I look at their gig photos to see if their images match what I’m looking for. So you want to get them to check out your gig. The best way to do this is to show that you have experience (I think it’s enough to say you’re a professional designer and have designed ___ (whatever you’ve designed). Then address their problem (such as needing an eye-catching design for Fiverr) and show how you can help with that problem. Finish off with telling them to check out your profile to see your work and send you a message if they’re interested.

That’ll shorten your offer to about 3-4 sentences, but come across much more professional and client-focused. And I think you’ll have better results.


And taking a look at your portfolio, you have beautiful professional designs! So yes, focus on getting people to check out your gig. Then I think it’s just a matter of them seeing if your style fits what they want. :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for your useful tip…

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Thanks for info

where is the "available projects " section in the website?

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It is called ‘Buyer Requests’, you find it when you click on ‘Selling’ in the pull-down menu you get top right next to your name.

Thanks a lot for your useful tips for new seller.

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I am a newbie in fiverr.So, I can say that, this article is really very helpful for new sellers.
Thank you for this nice article…:slight_smile:

thank you for this useful article

Lovely, Just Lovely… I reply offers with the kind of mindset in your post. But hearing it and picking a few more new things from your post is re-assuring, helpful and just great. Thank you so much


Thanks Chbuyer, for your important buyer request suggestion.


It was a Awesome Tips and Tricks For Beginner.
thanks a lot.

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Great episode and thank you:slightly_smiling_face:

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