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How to apply for many categories?


I’m a Fiver Pro in the category “Logo Animation”.
I would like to apply for other categories related to Motion Design like “Animated Explainer” for example but when I go to the Fiverr Pro Application website (, I can only review my old application, not create a new one.

Do you guys have any idea of how to get Pro verified in multiple categories?




Well most people here aren’t Pro users or even Top Rated Sellers…

That being said, don’t you have a success manager as a Pro seller? I believe it’s better to contact them…


Hey, thanks for your answer.

We have a success manager for a limited period of time, and in my case that time is done…!

Check this out:

There is a Contact Us icon at the bottom of the article if you require further help.


You don’t have a success manager for only limited period of time. I have my Cs forever :). However, this are things that your Cs should been taken the time to explain as mine did. In order to apply to other categories, you don’t need to go over the process again. You need to send documents of past work to you success manager that will deliver your work to the person responsible of the evaluation. My success manager asked me for 6 samples, CV and explanation of my work process, but for every category is different. Send an email to your success manager.

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I think he asked the question in the Pro section of the forum. He didn’t do anything wrong, by asking a pro question in a pro section of the forum.