How to approach next?


This is my first buyer request. I am in confusion that what should I ask the buyer next to complete the task. Can any one help me on that what to do next?

Thanks in Advance.


Hmm, :thinking: in the screenshot, why did you say yes if you don’t know how to handle this request?
What services are you offering?


I am offering reconciling Bank statement in Quickbooks and Xero. I know that task I am offering, the problem is that should I ask the buyer now to provide me little bit more info ?:roll_eyes:


You ask him for the information you need to complete the task.


@shanexon23 If you both have agreed and understood everything related to work. You should raise custom Offer, select any relevant gig, name price, add details and send CUSTOM OFFER, If he accept, you can start working on project.

Good luck.


thanks a lot :grinning: @jnvsonu52


What you are being asked to do does not seem honest to me.


Yeah… It seems like you’re making fake bank statements for them to trick a bank for a loan. Not sure that’s legal…


Hi again Nixon!

Please don’t do what this buyer is requesting. You’d be helping them in a fraudulent activity, which I’m sure you never intended to be part of your gig offerings!

Just say no! :sunny:


@shanexon23 I think you are going ahead and ignoring these two replies above (including mine as well) for the $4 you will get helping this guy in a scam…


Was wondering already if I’m the only one.

The mere fact that OP even considers participating in a fraud like that, flushes his reputation down the drain imo.


Cheers Mario - I’m out of :purple_heart: BTW.

I just hope the OP has read all the advice he’s been given, and realises it wouldn’t be a sensible thing to do, now he’s looked into it a bit more. :slightly_smiling_face:


Noticed how he gave me the :roll_eyes:.

Well, I’m giving him the alpaca-meme for considering participating in this fraud scheme.



Thanks all off you for your valuable suggestion. I am going say " No’ to this buyer.
As this message was my first time that’s why I got confused at first. Now I am clear about fully @offlinehelpers
Please keep continue to guide me


ask him to place an order… and to send instruction if need. ask to send necessry files.


take it positive… I was confused that time


It’s all good. :ok_hand:t4: I’m happy you reconsidered it’s not worth it. :slightly_smiling_face:

Take care!


Really glad - you missed out on $4, but your conscience will be clear! :sunny:

Have a smashing Tuesday Nixon! :slightly_smiling_face:


Not in this case, since it’s a fraud.