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How to approach nicely?

I have a potential buyer who asked if I could do something, and I could so so responded within the hour they sent me a message. It’s been numerous hours now, and still no response. Should I wait, or is there a way I c an nicely send a reminder, without sounding like I just want the order?

Edit: I guess the more proper place for this question is here, as I am not giving Seller Tips :slightly_smiling_face:


A few scenarios come to mind, if the buyer might be asking many possible sellers the same question. They either will or will not appreciate followup, if this is a test, and unfortunately no one can tell you if it is. Something to consider is that they may not have liked your offer, or that they’re waiting to compare other offers.

Measuring and weighing the pros and cons of responding is something you have to do on your own. If you decide to respond, I would suggest inviting them to make a counter offer, so you can see if they are actually interested, and show that your open to some negotiation. Do not work for free.

They may never respond, but hopefully this can give you some things to consider.


If the buyer has not responded after 24 hours of message then it’s no big deal to put in a friendly reminder such as “Are you still interested to have my services?” or “Anxiously waiting for your response.”

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Thank you everyone! I will consider possibly sending a message.

they ended up figuring it out on their own, thank you for the help!

Just move on. It happens quite a lot. If he / she’s really interested in your services, you’ll notice that.

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@zgeek0322 @imagination7413 is right saying.

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