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How to ask a client subtly to leave a review?


The question is clear.

I know it’s totally up to the buyers, but a lot of sellers said that they had been doing it, here on the forum.


Don’t do it or you will get in trouble!
The best way to get 5 stars review as far I know is to deliver quality gigs and make buyers happy and hope that they left a 5 stars feedback.
There was a time when asking for a review was suggested and permitted in fiverr now no more!


Some buyers don’t like to leave reviews. And they are automatically asked for leaving reviews by Fiverr so you don’t need to ask them again. If they want to leave review, they will…

Also, as solow said, asking buyers for review will get you in trouble


It’s a bad idea to ask for a review.


Okay! I was just curious. :slight_smile: