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How to ask about 5 stars?

I think my client is new to fiverr. I Completed all the work he required and he din’t know about rating my service and give a great feedback but not 5 stars. How Can I ask for full review?

You can’t otherwise it would be considered a manipulation of the Fiverr feedback system.


Is there any other way to tell him about the review. Its my right I did his work he should do mine

Asking for a review, prohibited ! …totally.
Fiverr remind them to evaluate their experience with a seller.


No. There is no other way. You are not even allowed to bring up that topic with your buyer or you will get a ToS warning/account suspension/ban.

Buyers are allowed to give you any rating they wish. They are allowed to give a 1 star rating even if you think you have done an exceptional job. That’s how Fiverr’s rating system currently works, and you can’t do anything about it. Even so much as bringing up the topic about reviews with your buyer can get you a ToS warning.

I suggest that you read Fiverr ToS and strictly abide by them so as to not get in trouble with Fiverr staff.

Good luck!


I will considers such things again

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Oh, no, no, no… sellers have absolutely no right to demand a review that they want. If your buyer gave you a review, accept what he/she gave you, and move on to the next order. Demanding anything relating to a review will likely get your gigs removed, or even have you banned from Fiverr.