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How to ask BUYER for REVIEW :)

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What ~I~ usually say is, “I hope you enjoy my work; if you do and have the time & inclination, please kindly leave feedback.”

While this is NOT guaranteed to generate a Review, I do think it acknowledges that I value their time and desires AND I’m not asking for a specific amount of stars, so that leaves them with a better feeling.


Can we add “and if you didn’t enjoy my work please don’t” ?


lol We probably CAN, but I dunno that I’d recommend it.


Please tell me other conversations like thanks for order or for delivery etc :wink:


The conversations you have with buyers, potential buyers etc. are going to be personal to you and the gigs you provide. I’m afraid nobody can write your conversations for you - you’ll need to work those out for yourself. Good luck! :slight_smile:


###I usually ask for reviews this way:

This order is completed now. If you enjoy my work please don’t forget to provide a positive feedback for this gig. It means a lot for my reputation. :sunny:


ooh yeah!! good! I think that you need the google translate :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


LOL! but nice idea :slight_smile:


Me: Hey YOU!
Buyer: Who me?
Me: Yeah you.
Buyer: What?
Me: Aims banana at–Review. Now. I’m ain’t afraid to use it. :smirk_cat:

On a serious note though. I would usually say something between the lines of, It would really help me out a lot if you could leave a review after the kind sir/madam is satisfied with the provided service, thank you.


You cannot ask for a postive [quote=“aiexander, post:11, topic:135977”]
It would really help me out a lot

That part bothers me. I’m still hunting for the right way to phrase this request for a review. I’ve not done this before. I don’t want to sound like I’m begging for a favor.


Mine has been changed off and on but it’s generally something along the lines of:
“Before we part our ways, be sure to leave me some feedback in the form of a review if you have the time.”


That’s smooth, thanks for sharing that.


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No problem, everybody else was so I thought I might join in on the fun!


(A) I did not insert any keyword regarding a ‘positive’ review, only a mentioning that it might help.
(B) There is nothing to be ashamed of by this, especially if you’re an upcoming seller, a rational buyer will understand.


@aiexander, I think misscrystal may have been referring to seodealer’s post, as THEY are the one who said, “This order is completed now. If you enjoy my work please don’t forget to provide a positive feedback for this gig. It means a lot for my reputation.” (bold added by myself).


I have a template here if you wish to use it:

Hello {username},

Firstly I hope this finds you well. Secondly, it has been [insert time after delivery] since your order has been delivered and I sincerely hope my work has been to your satisfaction. As you may know, sellers at Fiverr are freelance workers who are taking steps to have our very own business. Like any business, we rely heavily on feedback from our customers and it becomes a testament to our skill and a source of pride when a customer leaves a glowing review. Therefore if you are satisfied with our work I would be sincerely grateful if you left a positive review so other potential buyers can see testimony to my skills.

If, however, you are unsatisfied with my work I urge you to please contact me so I can make immediate improvements and attend to your concerns. Once again thank you for your business, if you have any other requirements please contact me and I will welcome the opportunity to quote. If I don’t speak to you before I hope you have a great day.

Kind Regards



yup agreed with you @misscrystal … but it means a lot when buyer gives you five star rating upon your request. If I’m not wrong and there’s nothing like begging from buyer you’ve worked for him through thick and thin … and its a responsibility of him or her that they provide you best rating if you are requesting or not isn’t it ?


Then again it’s like tipping. In America, it is so ingrained into the process that employers pay less as the employee makes up for it in tips. Here in Australia, it is a foreign concept in most industries and it is a sign of rudeness to demand tips.