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How to ask for and get the voiceover you need


Ever wonder how to get the voiceover you need? Ever stuck buying a second gig because the first one didn’t work out? Here is a tip to get you started on the right track: Use the voice talent’s demo reel to steer them onto the right track. For example, from a voice artist’s demo reel, it makes it super easy when a buyer says, “I need a read like your Smart Money read.” That gives the artist one of the best clues ever of what the buyer is looking for!


OP updated.


Shameless self-promotion is the cornerstone of freelancingnessdom! :grin:


I apologize - my intent was to give the buyer a good tip based on pain I’ve experienced but not necessarily to promote myself. I’ve edited the post and moved it back to Tips for Buyers because that is my intended audience.


Great suggestion! When I was looking for a logo, I’d tell the artists (it took 3 to get what my band was looking for) that I wanted a logo “done in the style of such-and-such from your gallery”. While it didn’t totally help in those instances, I think that in VO work, it’d help immensely. As a fellow VO artist, I know it would help me to give the buyer exactly what they want the first time out.



I also added a section in the buyer’s requirements page that asks the buyer to insert the link to a youtube video that contains the voice that they envision for the project. This really, really helps me in understanding exactly what the buyer wants - because I can deliver MY ideal version of a voice, but if it doesn’t match theirs, they won’t be satisfied. If a buyer says they want “a child’s voice”, I could be thinking of a 6 year old, high-pitched girl voice. He could be thinking of an 8 year old, less squeaky sound - so he won’t be satisfied with the recording. Similarly, there are dozens of different types of French or English accents - if I deliver a very heightened french accent and the buyer is only looking for a slight French accent, your wires could get crossed. Allowing the buyer to show you what their ideal is for the project will allow you to deliver something they really love. For buyers, this also ensures that you’ll get EXACTLY what you’re asking for. :slight_smile: