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How to ask for more information while Sending offers to buyer\'s request

Does sending offer to buyer’s request asking for more details means sending a final offer?
What if I want to ask for more information about the requirements?

What I write as part of my message is:
I need more details [your questions], in order to know how much time this work involves. In the meantime I’m just typing $[x] and [x]days for delivery. If you would like to order, please message me first.

How do we cancel an order that has just been placed (no work completed yet)?

I use the same method to get more information on buyer requests. I’m a writer and sometimes the request will be something like-

“I want a book written on how to cope with the death of a pet”

I then ask how many words, pages or chapters and give an example of my fees. I can’t see how this could be seen as a final offer.

You could ask for more information after your offer has been accepted.

And then if I can’t do the task because of any reason(more requirements less budget / any other reason) I need to cancel it which actually affects seller’s impression score, isn’t it?

But we need to generate an offer first even to ask for more details. I have faced it once, the buyer accepted the order and then I need to ask him to cancel( which affects the impression score as mentioned on the site).

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The same thing I did. And the buyer accepted order(without giving information) which at the end turned into cancellation.

i know - reread what i wrote