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How to Ask for Tips on the Forum (Help with Sales, Gigs, etc.)


Please do not use Tips for Sellers to ask for personal tips related to your sales, gigs, profile, promotion, or other problems. Tips for Sellers is to offer tips that are useful to most sellers. Occasionally a request for tips will lead to answers that are great for a large number of sellers and a post might be left or moved here, but generally speaking:


It’s a much better category for slow sales, first orders, gig improvement and more since you are allowed post gig/profile links there! You can use Conversations for some kind of questions that might lead to a longer discussion, but remember that you cannot post links to your gig or profile there.

Ads with or without links go in My Fiverr Gigs only. [Post CLOSED 5/5/16]


ohhk…thanks for letting me and everybody know that.


Thanks for this. Let’s hope this makes ‘tips for sellers’ a more useful forum for all.


Please do not use Tips for Sellers to ask for personal tips related to your sales, gigs, profile, promotion, or other problems. I disagree with you on this. Based on my personal experience on Fiverr, what affects a single seller also affects other sellers. Going by your rule, if i have issues related to orders delivery or gig creation, i cannot bring it up here because other sellers have not signify their interest in the topic. Even if there are other section to post such requests, tips for sellers is still one of them.
Let’s not take this forum to another level.


thanks for the information. Hope new sellers will know some of the success rules.


Thanks for this information. New sellers like me will find it helpful.


I believe that particular highlighted tip is referring to the recent heavy influx of “how I mek sell?” posts. I’m sure you will agree with me that those should not be cluttering up what is the forum’s “front page”. Besides, you’re making an issue where there is none: all tips will by their nature be based on personal experience. it is fine to write about your positive experience and issues here for the benefit of others and highlight what you did that really works for you.

If it’s a negative issue, that belongs in the ranting pot. It’s not rocket science, just good forum behavior. Of course, you can always post wherever you want and the mods will later transfer it to a more appropriate subforum.

So post at will and how you wish, but don’t moan when its modded to the rules of the forum. Remember that rules are mostly guidelines and can be flexible–yet become rigid.




well, with all said, id still ask that i need help with my sales…***********[further content was removed by Admin]

If you want help, ask in an appropriate forum category and in your own post.




Thanks for sharing this nice tip


What @Emmaki says is true. It is also about those who post things in Tips like “How do I make my Photoshop gig more unique, prettier, and with perfect prices?” That is too specific. There are plenty of forum categories to choose from but many people pick Tips because it’s at the top.

That’s not fair play and it makes moderation more difficult. If that’s your goal, I dont understand, but thanks for your opinion.

I don’t know what you meant by Let’s not take this forum to another level.




Thanks for sharing.


Great post, Hope this helps newbies.