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How to ask my buyer professionally to hire me again?

Hope all are fine!
I want to know, How to ask my buyer professionally to hire me again?


You don’t.

Imagine your grocery store clerk coming to you every day and asking:

  • "Are you out of bread yet? You can get some more!"

  • "How about some fruits today?"

  • "Feeling thirsty yet? Here’s some water."

Focus your efforts on getting new clients, and let your old clients come to you when they consider necessary. Otherwise, you will be just a spammer into their eyes. Nobody likes spammers! :+1:

I never do business with people that push me to buy.


You can send them greetings on some festival occasions so that they remember you and when they need something they recall you.

Happy Christmas, please buy my stuff? :christmas_tree:

Sounds like a sure way to get your account banned. :slightly_smiling_face:


A polite and non-spammy way to do it is simply to include a line with your delivery indicating that you would be pleased to work for them again.


thanks …effective sugestion

If you make a good first impression you won’t have to remind them.