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How to ask the buyer politely to change the feedback


Guys and gals, Virtual Superman here! (My first post actually, I’ll make it short).

I’d like to share a story with you. I usually have great customers that are satisfied with my delivery (99%), but you know, it’s simply not possible to please everyone.

I recently dealt with a buyer who wasn’t satisfied with my delivery as he did not read the description carefully. I didn’t tell him: “well, it’s your fault, (dork), read the description carefully next time”.

Instead, I did this after the first delivery:

  1. I offered to give him a gig extra that he needed for a great price OR a full refund - he chose the gig extra
  2. When I delivered the gig extra, he wasn’t satisfied either
  3. I offered a full refund again, he did not agree so number #4
  4. I gave him another gig extra, just for free to make him satisfied

The total price of the gigs I delivered was $80, he paid $50. I gave him 2 free bonuses + Tips, Tricks & Hacks that are worth well more than $80. I was asking him constantly if he is satisfied with the service - in the case he is not, I’m ready to fully refund him. He did not respond. One hour later, he left a 3-star review (satisfactory experience).

I immediately contacted him and described politely what I delivered, why the reviews are so crucial to my Fiverr business and asked him if he doesn’t mind if I cancel the order and refund him. Honestly, I don’t care if I lose 40 bucks or even more. I don’t want the money of customers that are not 100% satisfied and I accept only 5-star reviews. That is a must. He immediately sent me a message saying that he wants to change the feedback and finally, he gave me 5 stars.

The thing is that some buyers just don’t know that 5-star reviews are crucial to our business. It’s better to lose some bucks now than have reviews that suck in a long run. Anyway, if you receive a negative feedback and do not want to refund the buyer, just do not comment with hate, make a fun of that. If I couldn’t change the feedback, I would give him 5 stars and my comment would be:
“Agreed to deliver gigs that cost $80 for $50, got satisfactory review - I love that guy anyway :D”

I hope it may be helpful, take care guys!


If you asked him this in order to get feedback removed, keep in mind that soliciting feedback removal through mutual cancellations is a violation of Fiverr’s ToS.


I’m not sure right now if it is against Fiverr ToS. Anyway, I did have a case when the buyer was not satisfied with my final delivery that was automatically marked as complete. I contacted CS and described what happened, they canceled the order immediately. Anyway, if you want to cancel the order that was marked as complete, you have to contact the CS and you are required to describe why you want to cancel the order. If it’s not allowed, they’ll tell you I suppose.


First of all :star::star::star: is NOT a negative feedback. It is a neutral feedback.

Negative Feedback is when 2.5 :star: or less has been given.

Now I am going to keep my reply short and to the point.

The moral of YOUR story was:
If they buyer is not satisfied with your work, perform emotional/psychological blackmail so he reluctantly is forced to change his review.

I would NOT consider this as a tip for seller.

You can begin your rebuttal on this now.

You can also refer to the current state of “Mutual Cancellations” here:


Hey, friend, thanks for your comment, I appreciate it.

I did not say it is a negative feedback, I said he wasn’t satisfied in the first place.
3 stars don’t mean satisfaction at all in my view.

“If the buyer is not satisfied, try to make him satisfied” is my philosophy. With that being said, I offered a great price, free bonuses, full refund etc. I did not force anyone to change the review - I wanted to explain why the reviews are so crucial and at the same time, I wanted to give him his money back because he was not 100% satisfied. I’m not sure if it’s against ToS if you give a full refund to the guy who is not satisfied, but anyway, I will ask CS to be sure I’m compliant with ToS.

In my first post here I tried to help other sellers who experience unwanted feedback so if it’s not useful, just ignore that.


It’s not against ToS to give a refund, but the feedback stays.

ToS forbid trading refunds for feedback removals.


Thanks for the info, I did not know how it works.
Take care!


My order was completed and the buyer never reviewed nor replied my inbox how do I do in this case???


Buyers don’t have to leave a review. Some choose not to respond or review after delivery.


Offer them a bonus in return.
Tested and trusted​:+1::+1::+1:


I was already a little bit antsy with your approach. But then I read this:

Surely this isn’t what you meant? You only accept 5 star reviews? If I’m a buyer I’m not coming near you if that’s the case because if I want to leave a less than 5 star review, even a 4.9, I know I’m going to get hassle and as a buyer I reserve the right to leave the review I feel reflects my experience.


You can not do something here. You just wait when buyer will come back. And only when he will want, he will leave review.


That’s bad…more than a month now, the buyer hasn’t come online


I had such order. I even forget about it. And in one month or around this time I got 5 star review! Don’t worry!:smiley:


In my experience, more than 75% of buyers leave a review. The others are maybe too busy or too lazy, who knows.


Requesting feedback change can end in a blocked account according to the new terms, i now this is unreal, but that’s the way it is now unfortunately


to be PRECISE, repeated use of the feedback modification feature can cause an account suspension.


well i used just ONCE and i got a warning :frowning:


can you change your feedback


What exactly did the warning say? Game over next time? I mean if repeated use of the ‘feature’ might cause an account suspension of course it is good if they give ample warning well ahead. ‘Repeated’, ‘can’… oh well, guess that´s as precise as it will get.