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How to ask tip?

How can I simply ask for a tip from the buyer if I am confident about my work?


Why do you want to ask for a tip ?
You are already getting paid for the work you do and you are the one who set the reasonable price for your work and you !

You should not ask for the TIP… !
Buyer would leave tip if they want to !


If you are confident on your work then you shouldn’t ask for a tip.


I thought it is an out of scope work and working hard for him and offering a little extras to him would be appreciated with a little bit of tip. Shouldn’t it be? @cherboub @surajrenuka

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Wrong expectations = frustration


I recommend you to offer custom extras (within the same order), if buyers are seeking for extra works. Better not to expect “tips”.


Don’t ask for tip. If they want, they will leave tip for you

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If you are confident set you gig price including tip… but don’t ask for tip!

The tip is given when the buyer satisfied with the project. If you are confident then you will achieve a 5-star rating but never ask for a tip. otherwise, you will become a greedy seller.

I hope you understand!



Asking for tip would be the same as begging.

If you’re confident about your work, charge for it. If you want to offer out of scope work, charge for that, too. But don’t expect your buyer to pay you for something they haven’t purchased just because you chose to deliver extra work. That would be manipulation, you’re pretending that you gave a gift, but then you want to be paid for it.

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I suggested You it’s not Right to ask for tip.

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Can I accept a tip?

You can accept a tip; however it’s advised not to ask for one. Do your best as a seller. Ultimately it’s up to the buyer whether to leave a tip or not.

The above is from the Help Centre.


You should NEVER ask for a tip. Your work should be SO good that they decide to reward you, but it’s the buyer’s decision and should never be forced to do so.


You can accept a tips but you should not ask for tips

This has been answered. There is no point in repeating the answer.