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How to assess new a seller?

what i want to discuss is at what trust one can have a order . how that buyer give order ?
i think only review is not enough .
In that case why new sellers get an order?
i am confused. any one that have crystal clear concept.

Fiverr is a market place to get more order as a new seller you should advertise your gig at low price

New sellers get reviews and orders because they have written a clear and concise Gig description and included examples of their work. Certainly, there are some who do not write clearly or do not show examples and still get orders - but, those who order from this type of seller are taking a risk and hopefully only putting out $5 to see if that seller can be trusted and complete the work to the standard they desire.

If you are wanting to purchase a Gig from a new seller or even an established one and do not trust their reviews or whatever Badge they may have (Level 1, 2 or Top Rated Seller) you can always engage them in conversation via the message function to explain what it is you need done, so that you can make sure they understand what it is you need. Usually, red flags will appear and you should follow your gut if during the messaging process you get replies that do not address your questions or needs specifically, or if there is a language barrier, as it seems a lot of misunderstandings on this site come from sellers and buyers not speaking the same language or understanding the nuances of each other’s language. Communication is key here if you want to find the right seller who can deliver what you need.

Also, everyone here starts new and with no reviews - and some soul out there takes the chance, find that the person either delivers quality work or not and this starts the ball either rolling or stopping quickly.


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thanks for that i just got information about levels 1 2 3 top seller Great.
yes conversation is also good thing i am seeing and in conversation we can get his work experties .
thank GG

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