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How to attract buyers Data entry?

I got only 151 impressions and 2 clicks. How can I get sales since I check the top seller of the data entry he got still pending orders. Any tips on how to get customers on it?

You might want to adjust your description to let buyers know exactly what they will get for five dollars.

How much data entry is included in a five-dollar basic gig? How much data will you “copy and paste”? What sort of web-page development do you do, and what is included in the base package?

As it stands, it’s a bit too vague to catch someone’s interest.

Good luck!

Thanks sir, Can you suggest a good description sir?

You’re welcome. :slight_smile:

How about something like:

“I will do 60 lines of numerical data entry for $5” or

"I will type up to 120 standard lines of English data entry for $5"?

(Or 5 lines, or 450, or whatever quantity you feel is appropriate…)

“I will copy-paste 25 pages of text into an MS Word document for $5.”

“I will add captions and alt-text to up to 6 pictures on your webpage for $5.”

"I’ll send you a 30-second video of my awesome skating."

These are just examples, obviously. In order for the buyers to take you seriously, though, you need to tell them what you are offering.

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