How to attract buyers to my gigs


I am new on fiverr. How do i attract prospective buyers to my gigs?


If you want people to look at your gigs you’ll need to promote it somehow, but
your gig description is very short, and for a new seller it seems like your price is quite high.
You might want to keep it lower when you are new.
If lowering the price is not an option, you should at least provide more information so the buyers know that the gig is worth paying for.


Thank you so much.Anyway nice information,i like it


Here are some tips that worked for me-

  1. Add attractive gig images… if possible upload a video too
  2. Try to provide as much information in the description as possible.
  3. Add perfect tags to the gig so that it reaches to a wide section of buyers
  4. Choose the gig category wisely
  5. Try to compete with other seller by reducing the charges or at least not over overpricing the gig than other buyers
  6. Promote your gig on social media platforms by providing the gig link there.
  7. Try to be active on Fiverr forums (That helps too) :wink: #MyExperience

I hope these little tips work for you as well…
Thanks :slight_smile:


Thanks for your advice. I just did some changes to my pricing and description.


Thanks for your reply


Wow nice information thank you so much


If you don’t mind could you please check out my Gigs.I am really disappointed because my sales is very slow.Can you point out my mistakes which i correct them.I shall be very thankful to you.


Well i think you should probably get a real picture. I think buyers will love to know who they are dealing with.


Really,But i hared from others people they told me that buyer prefer those pic which is related to your skills so that’s why i uploaded that one profile pic.Anyway thank you so much for your information


Having same question .


Simple :point_right: work hard


I think patience, and your price low helps :smiley: that’s how I got something. Good luck.


think as a buyer and then create the gig


You should add a video. you know 40% increase to add video.
i hope it will help?


Create eye catching logos to attract the customers :slight_smile:


hello,You should make the awesome portfolio like make the video which contain all the information related to your service.And make the professional images according to your service which you are offering.Good luck


Try modifying your tags.


think as a buyer and then create your gig


LOL at first you were having the same question now you’re giving solutions?? :joy::joy: