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How to attract first buyers?

Hi everyone, my name is Anna. I am new to this site and I am very interested in how to attract the first buyers? I suspect that good sales need reviews, but where to get them, right? I have a small audience, so I have no way to advertise my fiverr…

Hey there! You can do several things but you have to wait… I received my first order after about 4 months…

Make sure to have well presented gigs, a besboke description and share your gigs on social media.

The best!

Don’t wait, make your profile as perfect as possible and you will get first order in few days

I want to do an exclusive arts. What can you recommend? For example, I sell portraits, but I can also draw a character in full height. In the portfolio should I indicate only portraits or all?

You should point out everything, the more skills you have the more you attract people, highlight what you can do. But still, the first order of sleep will take a while, after that it’s all downhill.

Good Luck!

If you have gig for portraits then show only portraits there, but if you have awesome samples from other types of work then you can also add them. But I think better if that would be only type of work that is described in gig description and title.

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