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How to attract first customers

Hi! I’m new on the platform. Could someone give me useful tips on how to attract the first customers? As a translator I need to stand out from the competition but being a new user is difficult. Please, take a look at my gigs. What would you modify or add? Thank you in advance :slight_smile:


@martamhl send Buyer request everyday for your first customers, Take time to read through the forum for lots of tips and information. Good luck!


There are many tips in the forum on this.


Buyers request…is where you have to start! :grinning:


Thank you for your help!!

Thanks! I really appreciate your help! :grinning:

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Thank you! I Will take a look! :blush:

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Hi @martamhl welcome to Fiverr.

There are loads of tips if you search the forum. I have posted one below for your easy reference.

Ten Tips to Optimize Your Gigs, Create Trust, and Get Sales

Good Luck :+1:

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I,m also new but my buyers request is empty, nothing there

Be patient and try everyday! :grinning:

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  1. First of all take time to send requests on jobs posted in the Buyers Request section.
  2. Try to promote your gigs on social media and other platform
  3. Remain online most of the times and use Fiverr Mobile app so that you can receive messages right away and respond to them promptly.
  4. Make your profile standout and mention your core skills.
  5. Make professional gigs with a video demonstration of your skills and services so your customers can see what you are actually offering.

I hope these some basic steps will help you a lot.

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Since you are new. So it will require you to send requests right away as soon as a request comes. There are certain times when the requests are refreshed and come, at that time you need to be online and send requests right away. Because as soon as 10 people will bid on that job, it will disappear for you since you are a new seller with no level.


My buyers request page always empty with no request when ever i checked.

Some tips:

  1. Give a professional and seo optimized gig title.
  2. Set keywords
  3. Create gig with attractive description.
  4. For initial success set the package prices little bit lower that others
  5. Add attaractive image
  6. Add intro video