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How to attract more buyers to my GIG

I am working on fiverr since 2012 but I have very few buyers. I have lot of impressions but orders very less. Can anyone suggest to me how to improve my gig awareness to other buyers?



Promote your gig often in social media networks.
I think it’s possible to increase sales,


Appreciate your comment dear friend best636164. Do you know any useful social network groups on facebook, Twitter etc. Please help me. Thanks.

How can I Promote my gig in social media networks?

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Same thing share links to social media sites every day

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Thank you so much for your advice.

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If I were you, I wouldn’t promote the same link to the same gigs or your profile on social media every day. This will just be seen as spam by your followers or the people who see your gigs and you probably will gain nothing but a negative reputation.

Instead, maybe just post to your social media once or twice a month, but I personally wouldn’t do anything more than that. Market your gigs elsewhere and do your own research to find out where to market your own gigs. If you try to use generic “post to social media and comment here” marketing tactics, you’re not going to find any clients. You need to find your audience, build a positive reputation with them, and then promote your services. Hope this helps!


Facebook group
Google Plus
In these social media networks, do you have own accounts?


I have found fiverr academy super helpful. Here is link
Deliver earlier, Express gigs get more sales.
Happy selling


your valuable comment is so admired. Thanks for encouraging me friend bradencollins10

nice. Thanks. yes I have. I tried a lot. but no any positive return. Thats why I asked you if you know any other groups or networks.

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Thanks a lot and very much appreciate your assistance.

Buyers can not be found as soon as they are promoted
Therefore, it is necessary to repeat it
We need to find buyers
There’s no other way

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Definitely agree with you… I done lot of things since 2012. I am still trying friend.

No orders have been made since 2012.
It’s very sad
But let’s try,
What’s your name on the facebook account?

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yes. I also couldn’t think what was the reason behind my failure… very sad. I think we cant share our details. Thanks for your great help and trying to help me.

thanks for ur post . its help me some thing to about that how promote my gigs…

Im trying to figure this out too

Promote your gig social media network
Then (gig) can be shared through our accounts

you can share your gigs google+ community and twitter account.

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