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How to attract more buyers?


Should I keep the Prices Low to attract more Buyers? Or Something else?


I see the problem. The model in your profile pic isn’t sexy enough.

Try pretending you’re a sexier girl. Then the orders will roll in. :+1:


nice thinking it done very much for this


You should start by removing your current profile image, and using a photo of you. You are committing fraud by pretending to be an attractive female model. Fraud is illegal.

Fiverr does not like fraud.


In addition to what @jonbaas said. If you are not honest about your profile image then people will think you are not honest and they will not want to do business with you.

To answer your other question about prices, at first, they have to be low to attract clients. Since you are new to Fiverr people will take a chance on you for a low price. But if your prices are high they may not. I am a Level 1 and my prices are still low until I get more reviews. :wink:


Thanks for advice :slight_smile: