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How to attract the first customer?

Hello community,i’m new here, i made my first Gig today so i’m asking for tips and advices about how to get my first request.
Thanks for reading my Gig and tell me your opinion:

thank you :slight_smile:

My first observation, when I saw your gig, are the words “Ponctual” and “Benifit”. Proofread your Gigs and don’t let these even tiny mistakes slip through. They can be instant turn off for potential buyers. And try to add more sales pitch, make your Gig more attractive to potential buyers by being unique. Video for your Gig would also be PERFECT. Especially if you could present what you are doing on that video, videos attract more clicks and views to your Gig.


Thank you so much, i will apply your advice

Yes that was a nice suggestion…

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Yes that was a nice suggestion…You have look on this suggestion for more orders

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You gig describes what you will do, but it doesn’t really explain why or what’s the benefit for the user.

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Why? What’s the benefit for the user? I’ve built 250+ sites and based on the stats I saw, I’d say 90% of website visitors didn’t look past the 2nd slide in the header carousel. It’s a dead weight.
Now, if you have different stats then explain to your user why this is even important. What’s the value?

Very interested prices

I’m not sure what does this even mean? It’s listed under benefits. Simple and clear communication is the key here.

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An average buyer probably doesn’t even know what it means. Unless you’re targeting resellers, it’s useless info. Instead of this write something that matters to your target audience.

What I’m trying to say is that you have a ton of work to do on your gig description. Start with that.

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This is nice suggestion for every one.

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Thank you very much for your time and for sharing your experience, I really appreciate it, I will work hard on my Gig by applying your advice