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How to avoid Annoying buyer


Hello Greetings!

I am experiencing an annoying buyer for whom I have designed 3 piece of art work as per his sketched design instead of doing one (I thought my buyer should be happy if I can deliver one design free of cost, money is not problem at all).

Again, he has sent me completely new sketched design and told me that ‘sorry I missed some points in design and you come up with completely new design as per attached sketched design’.

Please suggest me what may I do to avoid these type of annoying buyers? I am always afraid of getting feedback less than 5 (It really effect a lot when someone rates less than 5), so I try my best to satisfy my buyers. But, this is very very annoying when I do one order’s work 4th time.



Hi llalheera,

I assume you’ve tried to reason with the buyer without results. So now you have basically 2 options

  • you can involve CS
  • or you can request for a mutual cancellation and just walk away from it

Here are some tips for future reference

  • don’t say in your gig description that you will do ANY graphic design
  • don’t offer 24h delivery with a basic gig, offer it as an extra
  • don’t promise unlimited revisions
  • don’t promote 100% money back guarantee

With a gig description like this you’re basically asking for troublesome buyers who will take advantage of you.


Thanks @uxreview I will edit my gig.

Finally it happened what I was afraid of! He has left 3 start feedback which made 2 points lower on my positive rating. Is there any solution to cancel this order or something… to get back my previous positive rating?