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How to Avoid Bad Rating

Hi everyone Good Morning.
I am a new seller. Can any one please suggest me How to Avoid a Bad Rating.

Thank You


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The best way to avoid bad rating is to avoid taking orders at all, if you start taking orders then bad rating is inevitable.

You can try to be extra cautious with buyers to avoid bad ratings and that you can do by using some common sense and one of them is to ignore ultra cheap buyers who demand more twice or thrice time more than what they pay for.

Going out of the way to make a buyer happy is okay but when a buyer expects you to be their slave just for a good rating then you start wasting time and hard work, so never ever entertain a suspicious buyer.

Second is do exactly what you love and not what is profitable, so when you love doing something you can do it for day and night and increase your efficiency and accuracy as you grow but if you do something you love then you won’t take personal interest and soon your performance will deteroit which will make clients unhappy, in results driving bad reviews and ratings in your account.


Thanks alot for your veluable tips.

If a potential buyer seems suspicious, you will soon be able to block them completely so they cannot order from you in the future. :slight_smile:


Words of a wise person.