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How to AVOID being Scammed!

I would like to admit that getting Scammed is not that common (from my experience) but it does happen. Below is my story of getting scammed and some tips to try and prevent it.

However I feel as if I recently did. In my scenario this guy who was looking for one of my gigs started having a decent sized conversation IN THE INBOX NOT THE ORDER PAGE with me about what he wanted, price and delivery time. We settled on about $85 for two days. He responded very quickly and convincingly each time making him seem ‘legit’. Anyway after much hard work I sent through a preview IN THE INBOX NOT THE ORDER PAGE. This preview was not the full gig but I guess it was enough for him to be tempted. For the next day I tried to contact him with no response. He downloaded the preview and ran. He got MY work and WILL use it for himself.

Anyway that’s my story and here are some tips to prevent getting scammed.

  1. Only send through a preview with a watermark covering the image/video to prevent their use of it.

  2. Try to avoid sending through previews.

  3. If you cannot send through a preview make sure the buyer orders the gig/custom offer. Tell them it is just a preview and they can decline it. (Don’t send a preview in the inbox as they can run away like nothing happened).

  4. Don’t start making the work until the buyer buys it. Otherwise you could be wasting your time.

  5. Remember though that it may be a real person, stay nice and professional.

  6. Instead of sending through a watermark it may work better to send through the image or video in extremely low quality. Waters marks can be removed, quality cannot be improved!

7.IMPORTANT - Don’t work from inbox messages!


If you feel that you did actually get scammed make sure to stay professional and don’t start having a go at them. These messages CAN be used against you. Make sure to apply some pressure. Such as telling them that you will contact Fiverr Support if they don’t respond withing the next 24 hours.

If someone really wants something that you have they will just order your gig. That simple. Don’t fall for these scams. There fake!

Tell me your scam story below.

Nice one! Thank you for sharing!

Sometimes previews can’t be helped, my man. My new solution when dealing with new buyers is to send low resolution previews that can’t be used for print. Of course, it doesn’t stop him from cancelling and wasting my time, but perhaps it prevents him from stealing my work.

Watermarks are okay, but they tend to be obnoxious and removeable anyway. But you can’t upsize a bitmap image, baby.


I want to mention that many new sellers have been snagged by this. Not all buyers do it intentionally but unfortunately some do. I would suggest that your
tip 4 is critical. No seller should do more than 5 minutes of work (preferably none) to show proof unless an order has been placed.

Even though you can report buyers to CS for ths, CS usually can’t take steps against them. Thanks for sharing!

»» I came to tips to share a potential scam that others might see, so I’ll warn here. There is someone posting an offer in buyer requests with a $5 budget for articles. If you read the request, though, it says they will not pay you (so won’t buy a gig) but will publish your free work on their site.

They claim they will share adsense revenues with you but don’t do it. It would like require off-Fiverr contact and is clearly a fake $5 budget. If you see their post and you have leftover buds, you can send them an offer and just tell them Fiverr doesn’t allow this. When you click sent offers you will see their username and report them to Fiverr with a Customer Support ticket under Trust and Safety. Hopefully they will be banned.

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Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

Good tip, thanks for your help. :stuck_out_tongue:

Interesting, I have seem similar people. XD

Never do work without getting an order. Especially if he agreed to the price in a message let him place an order and then do the work.

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Never do work without getting an order. Do the “preview” after he pays.

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i had very experience that one person came with gig of $80 and he liked my work than he reviewed 5 stars and same time message for refund . end of the day he got every thing his money too.


Good tip.

Yeah, I figured this out after I got scammed. Thanks for the advice. :slight_smile:

Do not work based on inbox conversations…let them place the order first…

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Wow, I haven’t heard of that before. That would suck. :frowning: Did you get your money back?

Thanks for the advice. I gather that now… :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry if it looked like I swore… I ‘swear’ I didn’t. Wow real funny.

Anyone have any stories of when they got scammed?!

The aim of this page was to help people out. I hope I did this. :slight_smile: Thankyou.

I’m pretty sure I’m being scanned on my first gig ever… He had me make 20 five star reviews which isn’t that much work. But I don’t know how to work fiverr too well and when he sent his custom order i thought this meant he was locked in. There was no way for me to accept the order so I just did it and sent him the proof

Yeah, sounds like your being scammed. My advice would be to back out of whatever your doing. If you have already been scammed do the follow up steps listed in the main text.