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How to AVOID being Scammed!

Thank you for these tips! Much appreciated. :slight_smile:

Thank You for this tips…

Also I just use different method… I’m graphic designer and most of my buyers asking preview before they order. It’s really good thing. Because once you send the preview, buyer will order if he like it only. So you can avoid getting low rating and bad reviews…

But I never send preview in real size or high quality. I always use Mockup images. It is better than watermark… so they can not use Mockup :)… they will buy I it

Thank You

All good. Hope they helped. :slight_smile:

Yeah, great advice! Will definitely try it.

To be completely honest with you, the type of people who message me through inbox a million times forcingly asking me to do certain things before even purchasing end up being scammers. It happens very rarely but oddly enough when they do, it is under these circumstances.

Yeah, all I do these days in inbox messaging (after getting scammed) is explain my service and instantly send a custom offer. If they do not accept it I will not make them what they would like as they are probably going to scam me.

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This forum page went way better than expected. Thank you to everyone that contributed! :stuck_out_tongue:

These are quite handy for a beginner like me. Thank you for sharing!

Hi i am also new on Fiverr . This helped me alote. Thanks

I’m promoting to my gig by sending msg on INBOX Converstations but fiverr lock my account solutions please

Glad I could help.:slight_smile:

Happy to help. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi, it appears that your account was blocked/suspended due to spam. When the buyer contacts the seller first its all good. However if you go around promoting your gig to random people you will get picked for spam. Only send inbox messages if someone has asked you something or if you are trying to contact an old buyer. Don’t start heaps of new conversations or you will get blocked… which you already did.

Look, it happens very rarely and all the big business in retail or services factor in loses of 5%-10%. It’s part of doing business.

Watermarks or low quality images might work for graphics, but what about static web designs?
I’m a web designer. My customers need to see the final work functioning properly before complete the order and release the money. On other hand, they can copy the source code of my work, cancel the order and run away!
I have a buyer that I sent him the final work to see. but he doesn’t answer my messages anymore!
Is there any solution for such cases?

Hi, @kmorphi

You probably may not have noticed but this forum thread is from 2 years ago.

If you, instead, created a new forum post, you might get better help. If I am not mistaken, the forum moderators prefer it that way, too.

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