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How to avoid Buyer's Remorse (5 Steps)

Hello Fiverr Community!

I recently became a “Level 1 Seller” on Fiverr and would like to share some of the experiences that have made my time working with buyers on this site a joy. I hope each of you reading this find these tips to be beneficial because it is my belief that by following them you will help us Sellers provide you with the best work possible!

  1. Always send Sellers a private message outlining what work you would like to have done. This will allow us the opportunity to provide you with insight into how we can assist you prior to you actually buying our gig. Its a win-win!

  2. Provide support with your follow up messages (when appropriate). I like to provide updates to my Buyers on a consistent basis and there have been times when I was off track with what exactly the buyer was asking (this happens to everyone when all we can use are words in a message to communicate!). These buyers quickly got me back on course but as they were doing so, thanked me and encouraged me to continue with the project. This helps keep your Seller happy and ready to assist you!

  3. If you believe the Seller did a great job, tell them through leaving a positive review! I’m sure you are each aware that Sellers live and die by their reviews! Not receiving a review is almost like receiving a negative review in a Sellers eyes. We work just as hard for the reviews as we do the money!

  4. Share your experiences with Sellers to your friends on FIverr! We would appreciate the recognition and publicity if we do solid work!

  5. Provide us with constructive criticism on our work and how we interact with you! We can only get better with customers if we are told how we can improve. The biggest part to keep in mind with this is making sure that your criticism is constructive and is not just you letting out your frustrations!

    I hope these tips helped some of you Buyers out there! Please feel free to comment back if you’d like and I would be happy to discuss this topic further with you!