How to avoid Fake buyer


If a buyer order me. I deliver him perfectly, everything was all right as described on my gig but the buyer do not give full stars than I requested him to take a look than he change the reviews according to my expectations jus because he need another order but after the second order he gave me low reviews, I couldn’t understand why he don’t want to give me a good review than I asked him to modify but he reply I will not use your gig again so that is why I cannot change.
So I want to ask that If I know the nature of my buyer so how can I stop these type of buyer not to purchase my gig again…


A buyer does not have to give you five stars. Even a 4-star review is good. A buyer may rate you however they wish. Restricting buyers merely because they won’t give you a 5-star review isn’t going to go well for your seller reputation.


He can give me whatever he want but there should be any reason for the low stars…


There shouldn’t be any reason. When the buyer gives you a full 5 do you ask why???


5 stars means I have complete my work as describe in my gig…


This is an open market.
We can not force buyers to star high.
Because the more honest the buyer then our service will be more in trust


One of the ratings is for work as described. Another is for communication and another is related to whether or not the buyer will order again.