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How to avoid fake buyer?


There are many sellers make the account and try to destroy another seller account with giving them negative feedback and review cancel their order like this, anyone can help please how to solve this issue?



Has something specific happened to make you say this?


Again @azeemsarfraz has something specific happened to you please?


isaw so many you tube tutorials and added also in different freelancing groups watching these things keenly


Oh well, if it’s on YouTube it must be true. :woman_facepalming:

People can open accounts and cause problems for other sellers, but it doesn’t happen very often, in a similar way I could cross the road and get hit by a bus tomorrow. it’s possible, but thankfully unlikely.

Please don’t scaremonger by implying that something’s happening when it’s not - it doesn’t do anybody any good.

I’ve never come across a ‘fake buyer’ yet, though I’m sure one must exist somewhere.


mam might you born with good luck:slightly_smiling_face:


No - it’s not luck honestly. I’ve done more than 600 orders, and have never some across a fake buyer. Please don’t believe everything you read or watch about Fiverr - most of it isn’t true.

Please - no need to call me mam, but thank you. :slightly_smiling_face:


might my worries are because i am new or second i did not get any order yet except my best efforts


Yes :frowning: I am in a big trouble for taht


@azeemsarfraz - not getting any orders has nothing to do with potential buyers being fake or not.

@seoboss24x - what’s happened that you feel you’re in trouble?


Someone give me an order and when it’s completely done then he told me to cancel the order, i say why what is the problem please let me know? i will Do Revision He told me just cancel the Order, I can’t understand why someone behave like that…

I think you got it :frowning:


Any cancellation’s unfortunate of course, but it doesn’t mean the buyer’s fake - they could just be unhappy for some reason.

If you don’t want to cancel, keep refusing, and pass it on to CS if you have to.


I see someone Location Canada But after 1/2 month his location changed here some same categories seller told me the person(Many Person Like this) will give order for just dawn another seller Account reputation,


If you feel the buyer’s being untrustworthy ask CS for their help - please don’t believe things other people tell you - chances are they’re probably wrong. I’m guilty of being wrong much of the time, so know from experience.

There’s these things called aeroplanes - they help people move around the world. :wink:


I have question for you mam, I just do cancellation, The buyer place an order without contacting me and send the attachment requirement file. so the buyer just press the order button without any deal, I wrote on my description very clear to all buyer for contact me and send them file to get quote.
so, this things is very harm me, any suggestion for me ?
The problem is not from me I believe.


Yes the cancellation will count against you - they all do regardless.

That isn’t how Fiverr’s designed to work - all gigs should be able to be purchased without contacting the seller first.


but mam, There are 3 types of costs (you can see my gig by yourself) and the buyer didn’t read how is the costs works. I don’t know if this is intentional or the buyer does not read it.
Sellers can get trouble if the buyer keep doing this, it can causing cancellation.


Believe me I know - I was demoted from level 2 because a buyer didn’t read the description and wanted a refund - twice.

Speak to CS but I’m sorry I can’t really say anything positive to help.


omg that happened to you too, that’s meant all of us (sellers).
yes, I think I need to speak to CS hope they willing to remove the cancellation stats from my account.
anyway mam, will the monthly evaluation remove (erase) our sellers cancellation ?


Please don’t call me mam! :slightly_smiling_face:

No - they stay being counted for 60 days.