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How to avoid from "Delivered on Time" low rating

One of my orders is late. Still, I’ve not delivered work. How can I avoid from low rating of “Delivered on Time”?

Thanks in advance.


The best way to avoid “Not delivered in time” issue or warning is to deliver on time.

It is recommended to deliver on time or ask buyer to extent delivery time.


Sure! I’m trying it. Thanks.

Another thing to consider, if you need more time :watch: to finish an order. Request a delivery extension, don’t abuse it. But use it when absolutely necessary. :pineapple:


Set yourself a realistic delivery time to start with.

If you are unrealistic, then you are likely to deliver late, you’ll be stressed, your stats will take a hit, more importantly your buyer will be annoyed, and then they will likely leave bad feedback.

It’s one of the most basic rules of business - don’t promise what you can’t deliver.

If you really must, ask your buyer to extend the delivery time. But this does not address the real reason behind your issue - you weren’t realistic to stat with.

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