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How to avoid gig packages


I’m trying to create my first gig. After the issue with the error message “Illegal characters” in the gig title, now I’m having an issue with the packages. Being my first gig, why it forces me to create a gig package and not just a gig. I haven’t had the chance to see what a gig is all about, why am I forced to create a package? Is there a workaround for that? Thank you. I appreciate your help.



You can chose not to have the packages. Nonetheless, you may want to read more about the packages before you create the first gig. Here are some useful links:


Thank you, there is no option, no button to skip the package. I just want to make my first gig. Just a simple gig. There is nothing I click on to skip the package. Thank you.

Go to the Pricing page when creating or editing your gig. On that page, in the top right-hand corner, is a toggle button with the text “3-packages.”

Toggle it off if you just want the one package.

Hi, Sara, thank you for your reply, it was really helpful.

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