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How to avoid late delivery when order requirements are not complete

How do you avoid the delay in the order delivery in case the customer submit and start the order with a missing or incomplete requirements and the time is passing now without any response or answer from him.

Any advice? and can I complain later if the order got late? and would this affect my rate?

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You can cancel the order if the buyer is unresponsive; I had to do that once and CS was good about it. Otherwise if you really want to keep the order I suppose you could deliver a placeholder and tell the buyer you will deliver the full work when they give you the full requirements.

your delivery time only calculated when buyer submit gig delivery requirement as per your demand.

What I usually do is ask for better details on the work he/she requests. If I don’t get an answer within 23 hours (so my gigs are with 24 hours delivery) I deliver nothing and say this:

"Hello …

I don’t have enough details on what it is what you exactly want. Without those details I can’t deliver the best I can, and I always want to provide you with the best quality products/logos I can.

Please request a modification once you are here. Then please tell me in more details what you want me to design for you.

If the order auto-completes in 3 days without you being here, don’t worry. Don’t rate yet, just tell me what you want. There are 14 more days that it’s possible to get a refund, and unlimited more days that I can work on your order, once details provided.

So: Please ask for a modification, and send me details.


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Hope that helps.

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The problem is that the type of people who do not read your gig or your requirements to submit what you need, are also the type of people who get ticked when you hit “deliver” to tell them they didn’t give you what you asked for.

There has to be a pause button or something. Fiverr makes all sorts of changes, but at the same time they never make the ones that make our lives easier as sellers.

Reply to @luckygutsy: Thank you for your suggestion, would it affect my rate if I cancel the order?

Reply to @simoray: cancellation rates aren’t affected by mutual cancellations, which is what it would be if you initiate it. I’m not sure what happens if you initiate, the buyer doesn’t respond, and then it auto-cancels for you. Anyone else know?

Reply to @webexpert1313: Hey, I think he meant that someone did give requirements, but not the requirements he wants/needs. The gig will start with any requirement, even if a customer says “hi” the gig will start.

Hope that helps

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Reply to @mikeartworks: I’m not specifically saying someone should or should not handle it this way, but technically it can get you into trouble. When you deliver nothing it is called an empty delivery and is against the Terms of Service.

It is theoretically safer to request a mutual cancellation pretty quickly if the buyer doesn’t provide details. You aren’t out anything (no work done) and the buyer gets a refund. Many buyers will go ahead and provide details if you prompt them with a cancellation request.

Reply to @fonthaunt: Ah okay! Just wanted to tell him how he might do it. What I sometimes do myself too is deliver something with what I have, and he can then add details he wants, and I will revise that.

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Reply to @mikeartworks: Thank you very much Mike, that’s exactly the situation that I was facing.

Reply to @mikeartworks: So the delivery will stop the timer from ticking until the customer asks for a modification again to submit the correct requirements

Reply to @simoray: Exactly yes.

Glad I could help.

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Reply to @mikeartworks: I do understand. I don’t tell people not to do it that way because for some it seems to work fine. I just make sure they are informed of the risks. :slight_smile:

Reply to @fonthaunt: Okay, haha. I understand what you mean. To me this doesn’t happen very often. Just occasionally.

Reply to @infinityplusone: I completely relate to your post. I’m a music & audio seller, and when people don’t send me all the files I need to sing on their track, it forces me to do more work for less (like create a full instrumental track and compose the whole thing for $5).

The problem is, sellers can’t make buyers send them the requirements or actually read the gig description. And then the seller’s reputation is completely in the hands of the buyer who is obviously going to be unhappy.

I hope Fiverr comes up with more features to prevent things like this.

Reply to @mikeartworks: yes yes i am agree with this. if buyer give you any instruction the gig count down time will be start !!
so, if buyer not give details what you want, you need to contact with buyer or, send mutual cancellation request : Thanks

Reply to @annabelle1138: I don’t thing there is anything to do about this.
I do the same thing from time to time also to avoid getting a bad review.