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How to Avoid Losing Fiverr Level [ARCHIVED - Older and not entirely accurate]

I decided to write this post after some guys complained about losing their levels badge and they wanted to know what they did wrong.
Now you will see that everything we have talked about in the past now go together to maintaining a healthy fiverr account that will continue to make you money.
Note…If you are new to this blog and Fiverr, take your time to read our complete tutorials on how to make money on Fiverr to get you started.
To climb from one level to the next, there are certain conditions that must be met and fiverr system is programmed to pick up those conditions or variables and give you a badge when those conditions are met.

To go from level nothing to level 1, you must satisfy these conditions:

You must have been active on the site for 30 days and completed at least 10 orders while maintaining excellent ratings and a great track record. You’ll automatically be promoted to Level One.
To attain level two, You must have made over 50 orders in the past two months while maintaining excellent ratings and a solid track record. You’ll automatically be promoted to Level Two. If you do not make 50 sales within two months then it might take a little longer.
Top Rated Sellers are manually chosen by Fiverr editors. Promotion is based on the following criteria: Seniority, volume of sales, extremely high rating, exceptional customer care, and community leadership.
Just like Fiverr’s automatic system is programmed to pick up those variables to reward sellers, its also programmed to punish sellers too. Notice that promotion and demotion is done automatically by the system except when choosing top sellers.
So demotion also occur automatically. It’s even possible that you can lose levels without a human being ever evaluating your account.
Some of the things fiverr system is programmed to do for punishing sellers are increased negative ratings after attaining a higher levels and increased cancellation of orders. When your ratings starts to drop, the system is alerted and once it goes lower than its expected of your level, the system automatically drops you to the lower level.
If it continues to drop, the system will drop you to the next lower level. What that means is that, you could go from level 2 down to level 0. Best way to avoid this is to always maintain a good rating. Do your job well and satisfy your buyers.
If a buyer is not satisfied and does not like your work and seems to be a problem, just go for mutual cancellation. But its best to avoid this. Just continue to do the job until he is satisfied and learn from the mistake. Every mistake should be a lesson for you.
Another reason you could be demoted is increased in cancelled orders. Trust me, even with a 100% ratings, if your cancelled orders increases, you could be demoted. The system will give a message like “based on your recent activity, it seems that your account no longer meets the minimal requirements for the Level Two status.” same for level level 1 back to level 0.
To avoid this, always make your descriptions clear to avoid any misunderstanding that could lead to cancellation of orders. Also write in your description that your buyer should contact you before ordering.
That way, he would be clear about your service before clicking the buy button.
If it has already happened to you and the reason is because of your ratings, there is nothing you can do except to start maintaining a good ratings from here henceforth and you will climb back up.
But if the reason is due to increase in cancelled orders, then note what i said before and edit your descriptions and then contact the fiverr customer service.
Write to them and explain the reason you’re writing is that you’ve been unfairly demoted from Level 2 to Level 1 or whatever level. That the reason provided was for cancelling gigs. Let them know the gig cancellation was not your fault, it was because the buyers were requesting something you weren’t offering.
Invite them to check the back and forth messages with your customers for verification. Most of the time, your level will be restored. Just make sure it does not happen again.
Its good to maintain your levels. The higher you climb the better your earning potential. Hope this post helps someone.

Thank you for great information. :slight_smile:

Great…so I had some cancellations due to buyers ordering first and then asking me if I can do the job. And one overzealous buyer who wanted to buy one gig but ended up ordering several. Which of course we had to cancel. And now I can get punished for that as well. Sweet. :frowning:

Great post thank for you shearing this …

Thanks for sharing. I made a mistake by responding to a buyer who want to do work outside of Fiverr and lost my level one badge. I’m working hard to get it back but I was wondering how long it would normally take to get it back?

Thanks in Advance

Nice one… I want to add one more thing in this. Never ever do any mistake which violates Fiverr’s ToS. I had a similar experience where my friend came to my house and opened his fiverr account from my laptop. Due to this Fiverr banned our account because they thought one person is having 2 accounts. So, we should avoid doing such mistakes. Happy Fiverring!

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I was out of home and i got a order cancellation, now my cancellation rate is 6% and positive ratings 92%, there are total 15 orders in my two gigs. After how many days I will get seller 1 badge?

Good info. I hope fiverr takes into account that all of us get a few idiots now and again though especially as orders increase. It would be awful to work really hard only to hit a brick wall.

No one but Customer Support can answer that. The OP may not be on the forum now since the post is old.

Mutual cancellations don’t usually count against you. Unless they were paired with other violations or were happening on practically every order, they won’t hurt you. What hurts is late cancellations, buyer-forced cancels if you refuse to cancel or deliver correctly, Customer Support cancelling your orders due to complaints, etc.