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How to avoid negative buyer

I’ve met a buyer. Whenever I sent my modified work, he couldn’t give me any clearly reason why he don’t like my work. He just said It wasn’t a potential work and he couldn’t connect with it.
Nothing is clear to adjust my product. Finally, he wanted me to give him a refund because he didn’t satisfy with my work!!! After purchasing, he gave me 3 star (WTF) !!!
What will you guys do in this case?

I am sorry to hear that. I can totally relate to that!

I just posted a thread about this same subject:

What do you prefer? A refund or a negative review?

Let me know in the poll below: Mutual cancellation vs Bad reviews

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How did he gave you 3-stars if you gave him a refund? Did he give you 3 stars and then customer service refunded your order?

Sadly, you can’t avoid negative buyers unless they message you and reveal their negativity. Most don’t reveal it, some do because they have impossible standards.

When a buyer demands a modification, you can click resolution center and ask for extra time, or refund the order immediately. You can also send a custom offer asking for $5 or more for your revision.

What I don’t recommend is doing more than one revision. Also, if he threatens you with a PayPal chargeback, refund that order immediately because that’s a fight you can’t win.

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A buyer left 4 stars and did not ask for a single revision.I decided to refund and contacted CS to cancel the order. The order has cancelled but his/her review is still active.
If we refund to our buyers through CS cancellation then why the poor feedback remains active?

Reviews are permanent. They cannot be removed. You asked CS to refund the order, and they did. But your awesome 4-star review will remain.

A 4-star review is NOT a poor or negative review.


Buyer’s words made to refund.

Reviews should not be permanent if the buyer gets his money back, or is Fiverr becoming Yelperr?

Unfortunately, I’ve seen this happen to me a few times as well. A troublesome buyer here and there complained to Fiverr, demanded their money back, and Fiverr chose to honor those demands. The buyers funds were returned, but their baseless reviews remained. I’ve even asked Fiverr why the review remained when the order was force-cancelled, and their response was essentially that it was an “honest” buyer review… and they can’t remove reviews.

It does happen. Why, I have no idea, but it seems to be the way of things.

Yes, it conflicts with Fiverr’s other statements on the matter, but it would appear that Fiverr can follow – or not follow – their own rules whenever it suits the situation. It certainly is confusing, but it is what it is.

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Actions should have consequences. You want to review a buyer? Then you pay for his work. You want your money back? Then you don’t get to review the buyer.

Besides, I don’t believe they can’t remove reviews, in the past, I had a negative review removed after I refunded the buyer, I did have to ask CS, I was also told that next time I should refund before the buyer reviews.

Unfortunately, that was the past. I’ve heard it directly from more than one CS rep – they no longer remove reviews (except in the case of clear and blatant abuse). This is their official policy.

They no longer remove reviews, apparently, even when force-refunding an indignant buyer.

Fiverr has change a lot since it’s begining. There are times I worry, should I even comment on the forum? Will I get an account warning if I do?

There’s so much pressure. Did you know they tell us TRS’s that we have to be role models? My God, I’ve never been a role model in my whole life. I’m a rebel, not a role model, I don’t even have role models. I have people I like, but I couldn’t imitate them if I tried.

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Indeed. And though they mean well, probably not always for the better. Their “test while the feature is live” handling of the search algorithm would be a good example of this. Most businesses test new features and upgrades on a second closed private server, and then, when the major bugs are worked out, they launch it live on their public site. Fiverr seems to have chosen to do everything live, on-site… and many of us have had to endure the confusion that comes with those choices.

Fiverr is improving, but in many cases, they seem to be doing so in a round-about sort of way.

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